Kelly*Jones Sings What We’re Thinking On ‘The Alphabet Song’

Long ago, I stopped trying to figure out how mainstream R&B ended up what it is today. With the internet in general and sites like this one, it didn't seem to matter as much because there was still a way to get to the good stuff. I'm not an artist, so it's relatively easy for me to brush my contempt for the radio off and retreat to my favorite music app to tune in to what I want to hear. But, for up-and-coming artists and those who have been struggling a while for their moment in the spotlight, it's not so easy. In the vein of Leela James' "Music," Kelly*Jones sings the truth as she drops more of her electric soul on us with her latest free download, "The Alphabet Song." While contemplating the popularity of garbage artists, wack music and the state of emergency the industry is in, she sings, "I guess I'll keep making hits and hope one day that something sticks." Should she run out of things to say, she won't be concerned because "they don't listen anyway." Just to be sure the entire room is covered in shade, she considers making a sex tape to fast track her way to center stage. This sobering commentary on the state of music should give you pause. Kelly, we're listening, and we love what we hear.


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