Sleepy Brown Does Some ‘Choosen’

Have you missed Sleepy Brown as much as I have? His southern-fried version of soul has been greatly missed, especially in this era of pretenders to the throne. It seems Mr. Brown has chosen 2013 as the year he steps back onto the scene. Just last month, he dropped his EP ATL=A Town Legend, and now he's dropped a video for the set's lead single "Choosen." The track, which is full of Sleepy's trademark pimpadelic falsetto and Dirty South meets blaxploitation production, finds the Dungeon Family representer riding a groove that brings to mind strip clubs as much as it does '70's pimped-out decadence. Fitting then, after a gritty spoken word intro by Big Rube, that most of the action in the (kinda NSFW) clip takes place with Sleepy surrounded by a flock of women that know their way around a pole (pause). There's some other madness that seems to either center around cops trying to make a bust or some other craziness. The only important things to gather from it: 1) Sleepy walks away with the finest lady of the bunch and 2) Mr. Brown is back doing things just like he used to.

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