Szjerdene Will Shoot You Down With Her ‘Arrow(s)’

Over the last few years British singer/songwriter Szjerdene has grown, from a purveyor of simple (yet undeniably gorgeous) soul and R&B, into an artist who is blurring the boundaries between those aforementioned genres and electronic music. In a recent interview she explained that she feels she has "been there, done that" when it comes to performing acoustic sets and now wants to push herself in different directions, letting her voice compete with different sounds and styles. Her recent Patchwork EP certainly showcased her versatility and willingness to change things up so, to celebrate the EP being picked up by British label Ninja Tunes, Szjerdene has released a free track entitled "Arrow(s)" that further pushes her into the "alternative soul" bracket. Utilizing a track from Jacques Greene and Koreless, Szjerdene spins a nine-minute+ tale of confusion and loss of direction that, once again, has me eager to hear what she will come up with next.

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