We’re ‘Hearin” Sarah MK Loud & Clear

It was just over a year ago that Sarah MK found herself amongst good company when we here at the SBHQ crowned her Bounce-Worthy on the strength of her debut EP, Worth It. Since then, the Montreal native has continued to carve out a special place for herself, performing throughout Canada and crossing the border for dates in NYC. If you missed her when she was stateside, then have no fear thanks to the following clip. Featuring the triple-threat MC-singer-keyboardist accompanied by X-Wam on beatbox, the duo proves that less is more on this stripped-down version of "Ain't Hearin' It" from her Worth It EP. Smooth and mellow, Sarah and X-Wam keep the crowd engaged and enthused with this dope live version. Perhaps there'll be more live clips coming from this young talent? We sure hope so.

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