We’re ‘Loving’ Bells Atlas

I appreciate artists who know how to do a lot with less. Oakland, Cali's Bells Atlas' jazzy "Loving You Down" is upbeat and tender at the same time. It's something you can groove to in the morning with a cup of coffee and something you can sway to in the evening over an adult beverage with friends. Bells Atlas describes their sound as "Afro Indie Soul," but that really translates to a breath of fresh air. The suave vocals of lead singer Sandra Lawson-Ndu are very unique and truly fit the lyrics and production. "Loving You Down" left me completely satisfied, and I did not wish for anything more or anything less from this track. The magic of the song would disappear if subjected to harsh vocal production or belting. The thought of an album full of tracks of this style is exciting. "Loving You Down" barely whets my appetite, and I can't wait to hear more when the group's debut EP is released on March 11th on Bandcamp with their full-length album dropping this summer.

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