We’re ‘Ready’ For Mali Music’s Takeoff

After months of buzz and anticipation, Mali Music is finally sharing his new single entitled "Ready Aim." With a bit of a rock edge, "Ready Aim" picks up where 2011's "The Job Experience" left off, sound-wise. "I'm on an airplane and the destination of this flight is to the other side," Mali sings as the record begins and he prepares to take us on a power-packed journey. Mali Music emerged back in 2008 with his independently released debut album, The Coming, and its 2009 beefed-up deluxe edition, The 2econd Coming. Having since signed to RCA Records and shared a bit of studio time with the likes of Jennifer Hudson and Salaam Remi, Mali is now preparing to release his RCA debut album, Mali Is, along with an EP dedicated to those who have been listening and supporting since his debut. "Ready Aim" will soon be available for purchase on iTunes and Amazon, but until then, stay tuned to Mali Music's SocialCam page for updates and extra special moments on the journey to Mali Is.


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