Aaradhna Wants To Tell You All About Her ‘Great Man’

New Zealand songbird Aaradhna has been steadily working away since the release of her album, Treble & Reverb, late last year. On the back of the good news that she has recently signed a multi-album deal in the States with Republic Records is the new music video for the upbeat third single from the album, "Great Man." The video sees Aaradhna emerge from a vinyl record in her signature retro style get-up before her band and dancers join her on the turntable to celebrate her man's good lovin'. As the gorgeous Kiwi vocalist sings, "Got a great man, and I don't want to take that sh*t for granted," even a (happily) single soul like myself feels uplifted, because it's refreshing to hear a woman admit being imperfect and go on to celebrate all that's great in her man, rather than spend three minutes singing about how the dirty dog did her wrong. Check out the video and celebrate your great man along with Aaradhna.



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