Anushka Get ‘Wired’

It feels like my music library is getting crammed with more and more singer/producer duos on the daily. Yet once SoulUK gave wind to British twosome Anushka and their track, "Yes Guess" about two weeks ago, it was hard not to make room for this duo. So the more the merrier, I guess? The duo is on a roll as they throw out yet another heater and it's the glossy new track "Wired," which is also to be present on their upcoming EP, Yes Guess. As their EP's title track was a dance floor scorcher and follow-up "I Have Love 4 You" reveled in summery playfulness, "Wired" is an combination of those two tracks, featuring jovial pinball machine beats and singer Victoria Port's candied vocals smoothly pouring out over such skittish beats. Yet an unexpected tempo change mid-way in drops the song into a serene and hypnotic electro-house guise making it into yet another unique turn for them. So without further evidence, I'm quite convinced of what Anushka can do, just that my patience is to be tested as their Yes Guess EP isn't dropping till April 15th. Well, in the meantime, I'll move to this.


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