Anushka ‘Have Love 4 You’

I was quite smitten with Anushka's "Yes Guess" when we previewed it last week. Taken from their upcoming debut EP of the same name, the track was aimed squarely at the dance floor with its rumbling bass and skittering synths, however the EP's second single gives us a glimpse at another side of the Brit twosome. "I Have Love 4 You" puts a little more focus on Victoria Port's graceful vocals as her musical partner Max Wheeler dials back the production ever-so-slightly to give us a breezy, mid-tempo number that conjures up sunny days spent with a special someone. The Yes Guess EP will be released on April 15th via Brownswood Recordings, but until then you can give "I Have Love 4 You" a spin right here.


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