Ego Ella May Plants A Bright Future For Herself With ‘The Tree’

While I will never discredit the importance of learning an instrument the traditional way, I have to admit that I do have a soft spot for artists that are self taught. There's something real and organic about a self taught musician's talent, almost as if it was a gift from above that they had no say in -- it was part of their life's path. Blame it on the side of me that is drawn to romanticizing every little thing in life. So, when I heard that young singer Ego Ella May was self taught on the guitar, I instantly wanted to know more about this English rose with the intriguing name. Thankfully, Ego Ella May has recently released her debut six-track EP, The Tree, so my curiosity needn't wait for its almost insatiable thirst to be quenched. The Tree takes the listener on a journey into Ego Ella May's imagination, which I imagine is full of the colors that fill the fall trees as featured on the EP's cover. Judging by the atmospheric and delicately soulful content of the EP, my mind is on the right track. The Tree transcends simple R&B and blends hip hop, jazz and electro in its tracks, seen most notably on standouts "Rush Hour Crash," where May persuades the one she desires to give in to her, and the percussion driven "Waiting." Download this EP for a "name your price" deal over on Bandcamp and let Ego Ella May's delicately dulcet vocals assist you with escaping from the madness of daily life and transporting your mind on a chilled out, blissful drive down a winding country road.


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