Enjoy Some High ‘Entertainment’ From Phoenix, MKS & Dev Hynes

The Parisian foursome known as Phoenix and I got off to a rocky start as one of my best friends went to their live show a few years back and ranted for a good solid week (in very colorful language) how she despised them and all that jazz. So yeah, I was turned off simply by the salty words she threw. Now here I am listening to a remix of their current single, "Entertainment" pretty much on the strength of it featuring Blood Orange aka Dev Hynes and the ladies of Sugababes 1.0 MKS. I will say that Phoenix isn't that bad, nor is their original take of "Entertainment" (memo to self: let the music speak for itself, not your best friend), but I do prefer hearing how Hynes works his magic and inserts a bit more soul into this refashion, as he strips it of its pop-rock energy and tucks in some growling Prince-esque guitar chords to bring the song to a nice slow grind. Adding in Mutya BuenaKeisha Buchanan and Siobhán Donaghy on vocalizing duties isn't as magical as when they glided effortlessly on their Kendrick Lamar cover, but still their inclusion brings a little spice to the track. So does this remix make me anxious to hear Phoenix's upcoming new album, Bankrupt!, and start over fresh? Eh, maybe just a smidgen. Moreso this remix has further increased my already high expectations for the upcoming Hynes-produced MKS project that is on the way. For now, I'll snap up the free download and enjoy the revamped sounds. [H/T: MM]


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