Mylah Is As Good As ‘Gold’

Like the good daughter I am (*wink*) I try to expose my Mom to all kinds of sounds I'm feeling. Still it is a bit of a challenge to explain to her the state of some of her beloved genres like soul, rock and R&B as her cut-off date for anything remotely new from those genres is probably around 1998. I quite envy that as there is just some music post 2005 that I'd really like to have amnesia about, still it sort of bothers me that like my Mom, not everybody gets to hear the good stuff on the daily like I do. In the case of R&B, there are artists out there who are dishing out solid material, disproving the misconception that the genre is on its last legs. Case in point is former Making The Band 3 alumna Mylah, who with a few covers and the ace single "Honesty" under her belt is making the kind of R&B that is more my speed as it's honest, well-sung and has all the drama that one could want. Mylah doesn't fool around as she gets to the root of her soul on her debut EP, Silver & Gold, and with R&B veteran Bryan-Michael Cox poised as the executive producer and mixer here, this Atlanta native gets off to the right start. Not only is "Honesty" (my favorite) present, but she pulls out numbers like the shimmering "Many Miles" and a spacious arena ballad called "Breeze" that have you wishing the EP was just a few songs longer as it's all very engaging stuff. To unwrap these precious R&B metals and more, you can state your price for Silver & Gold however you like over at Mylah's Bandcamp page.


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