VH1 Hopes You’ll Play ‘The Gossip Game’

VH1, in its neverending quest to make sure I never watch the channel again, is readying the premiere of a new reality series to dull our senses and insult our intelligence. The Gossip Game focuses on Editor-in-Chief of The Source, Kim Osorio; New York radio station Power 105.1's Angela Yee; Hot 97's K-Foxx; Global Grind's Sharon Carpenter; freelance writer Jas Fly; blogger Ms. Drama from MsDramaTV and's Vivian Billings and their challenges in the urban gossip industry. From watching the supertrailer that the network released, online bloggers are the red-headed stepchild of the industry. Anyone looking for something other than messy women who can't get along with each other and their men who may have slept with their counterparts will be disappointed. Not sure what the market is for a reality show about the gossip industry, but anyone who is interested can tune in to The Gossip Game when it debuts on Monday, April 1st.

After the bounce

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