Water Seed Show Us Their ‘Hues Of Blue’

Atlanta-based soul band Water Seed was first brought to our attention by our in-house DJ Keyknow who included their song "Feel Like I Do" featuring Jon Bibbs on a Mixologists mix back in 2011. Fast forward to today, and the four-piece outfit is readying the release of their EP, Wonder Love Part 1, in a matter of days on Tuesday, March 12th. In case "Feel Like I Do" wasn't enough to sell you, then the second single "Hues Of Blue" may just seal the deal. The video will definitely catch your attention as you watch the female lead catching her man in a compromising position with another woman. We've seen this visual played out many times before, but the twist here is that the story is told with the action happening in reverse -- complete with backwards walking and all. Concentrating on what's happening in the video unfortunately takes the focus off of the song and relegates it to background music, but the jazzy neo-soul soundtrack is a pleasant one at least.

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