Avery*Sunshine’s National Anthem Performance Was Number One At The Final Four

I pretty much lost all interest in the 2013 NCAA Men's Basketball Championship when my Georgetown Hoyas got embarrassed by a community college Florida Gulf Coast University in the first round and shot everyone's bracket and my nerves to hell. So when the Final Four games were set to be played this past Saturday evening, I could have cared less and had no intention whatsoever of watching. That was until I saw my Twitter and Facebook timelines simultaneously explode with praise for Avery*Sunshine who was chosen to sing the National Anthem before the doubleheader of basketball games in Atlanta's Georgia Dome. That major moment was only made moreso with the Ebenezer Baptist Church choir and friends under the direction of Dr. Tony McNeil joining her. Avery stood in the middle of the court with choir members on either side forming the number 75 to commemorate the 75th anniversary of March Madness. It was certainly a sight to behold but the sound was another matter altogether with Avery clocking in a powerful, pitch perfect performance. She was effortlessly flawless, but the addition of the choir was a bonus of the highest order, taking The Star-Spangled Banner to unheard of heights and church. This was spine-tingling good. If you were amongst those who didn't know Avery*Sunshine before this impressive showing, you were certainly put on notice. The Louisville Cardinals and Michigan Wolverines went on to win their games and will meet tonight in the Championship Game, but there was definitely another winner at the Final Four. 

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