Darryl Reeves Does ‘Herbie’ Proud

Last Friday, jazz legend Herbie Hancock celebrated his 73rd birthday. While most of us might've simply updated our Facebook statuses or sent out a tweet expressing our well wishes, jazz man Darryl Reeves did one better. Just as he did in recognition of J Dilla in February, he released a collection of covers to celebrate the jazz icon. The Herbie Sessions is a live recording of Darryl and his quartet (Joel Powell, Kenny Banks and Kenton Bostick) from a tribute set they played in Atlanta on April 5th. During the set, the group play more than a few well-known Herbie classics, including "Maiden Voyage," "Cantaloupe Island" and (my personal favorite Herbie joint) "Butterfly." Though many have tried (and failed) to do Herbie Hancock's work justice, Darryl and crew make it seem easy breezy. And, just like The Dillaquarium Mixtape, he's offering this four-song set up for the low, low price of free. So don't just stand there, hit the bounce to join Darryl in celebrating the legacy of one of the greatest to ever do it. [H/T: KN]

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