Delve Into Dezaray Dawn’s ‘Futuristic Sounds’

We have been following the career of future soulstress Dezaray Dawn since she released her excellent Chameleon EP back in 2009. Since then we have also had the Marc Mac-produced Deep EP and a handful of singles, but what many of us have been waiting for is her much delayed but highly anticipated full-length debut album, The Dawning. Well we don't have any solid news on that front, however DJ Psykhomantus has just put together an official mixtape of Dezeray's material to date, which makes for a very tasty appetizer to the main event. We may be right, we may be wrong, but either way this is definitely worthy of your hard drive space. Stream The Futuristic Sounds of Dezaray Dawn right here, then grab the free download via SoundCloud.


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