Get ‘Lost’ On A Trip Around The World With Frank Ocean

Just yesterday, SoulUK put us on to a smoking hot remix of Frank Ocean's channel ORANGE jam "Lost." It must've been so hot that Frank's ears were burning, as today he's released the official clip for the song. Rather than follow the song's storyline, Frank decided to go a more traditional route and make the time-honored tour video. Filmed during the warm days of last summer, we see the singer as he tours many locales, from Egypt to Japan to London and a few places in between. While it's not the creative "Forrest Gump" clip that we were all expecting to come (Where is that, by the way? He couldn't have used all the footage for his ill-fated GRAMMYs performance back in February), it is a glimpse into the fun, awkward and interesting world of Christopher Francis Ocean. Go ahead and get "Lost" by hitting play.



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