James Blake Delivers An ‘Overgrown’ Visual

If you have yet to pick up James Blake's much-hyped sophomore set, Overgrown, then do yourselves a favor and do so ASAP. In a departure from his first album, Blake has focused more on crafting actual songs (versus skeletal, looped vocals set to music) this time around, and it's definitely a good look for the man whose debut album was a love it or hate it affair. The first single "Retrograde" was Blake's attempt to match the success of his cover of Feist's "Limit To Your Love," and he succeeded, with the track being both the crowning glory of Overgrown and Blake's best self-penned effort to date. A close second is the album's title track, a gorgeous multi-layered ballad that has just been given a beautiful video treatment by director Nabil. Feast your eyes below.

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