Omar Is Indeed ‘The Man’ On This Sampler

Earlier this week, we gave you the scoop on Omar's long overdue new album, The Man, and the single of the same name that will receive a maxi-single release on May 6th. To stroke those fires of desire, Freestyle Records has released a sampler of "The Man" single package with snippets of four of the five tracks that will be found on there. Included are the original composition, remixes from Shafiq Husayn and Maddslinky and the "There's Nothing Like This" reboot featuring in-demand bassist Pino Palladino. The snippets are each two minutes in length, and, although just enough to whet our appetites, our hunger for more Omar is now raging. It's not like we haven't been chomping at the bit for "The Man" since first hearing it performed live in 2011. Finally getting to hear the studio version of "The Man" with its striking bass clarinet and Omar's signature soul-drenched vocals is everything and more than we could have hoped for. Its various remixes only enhance the package. May 6th is mere weeks away, but that drop date truly can't arrive soon enough. Listen to the pleasing sampler after the bounce and follow this link to pre-order "The Man" on iTunes in the UK.

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