Paramore Surprisingly Brings The ‘Fun’

GRAMMY-nominated punk rock troupe Paramore returned to the scene this week with their self-titled fourth studio album. Boasting 17 tracks, all of which are strong, the album proves that regardless of their Destiny's Child-like roster changes, this group is unstoppable. One of the brightest moments on this unpredictable offering is definitely, "Ain't It Fun." Surprisingly full of funk and soul, "Ain't It Fun" is a guide to living the young and independent life in the real world. Mainstay and leading lady Hayley Williams drives the song with her incredible songwriting skill and soaring vocals. And who can deny a good gospel choir chant fade out? Williams lists her Mississippi church roots as the inspiration behind this rousing record. Paramore, which also features the hit singles "Now" and "Still Into You," is now available on iTunes and Amazon.


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