Stacy Barthe & Rick Ross Will Have You Saying ‘Hell Yeah!’

The music video for Stacy Barthe's "Hell Yeah!" features the artist's journey through the many plights of the streets. The first line, "Don't it seem like every time you try to progress, somethin's always holding you back?," really opens the mind and sets the tone for the contemplative visuals. The video covers single motherhood, drug use, climate change, poverty, violence, veterans' issues and homelessness. The truth is that Stacy covers more ground in 3:31 than some artists' entire discographies. She conveys empathy, showing that even if others won't address what is happening, she will. It truly harkens back to the '90s, when singers (like Mary J. Blige) used an urban edge to really put the truth out there. I am sure that Rick Ross was hoping that we would forgive and forget recent events, and we haven't, but his cameo here is necessary. To me, rap is akin to the blues. Unfortunately, I am sure that some rappers do not understand the true power of the art. I wish Ross would have gone deeper into the issues that the video brought up, but I am glad that this partnership gives a glimpse into the true potential of a rap/sung collaboration. Well done, Miss Barthe.

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