‘Time’ Is Of The Essence For Marie Dahlstrom

It's really a no-brainer why Scandinavian songstress Marie Dahlstrom was crowned as Bounce-Worthy back in September. With her EP Feelings and successful renderings of Phil Collins, Rihanna and Chris Brown etched on her resume, the ball is definitely rolling in Dahlstrom's court, and falter she has not with her jazz-tweaked soul formula. She's got another stunner in the pot as her latest offering, the Alfa Mist-produced "Without Our Time," is an enchanting piano-driven mood piece that is enveloped in her peerless vocal talent but also shines a light on Dahlstrom's writing chops as she pens this tune of love bereft with the most tender and introspective hand. No word on if "Without Our Time" will have a home on a brand new project, but just for right now I'll slip into these tranquil tones and wonder what Dahlstrom will dream up next as I am all ears. 


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