We Think You’ll ‘Love’ This Dwele Remix

The past decade or so hasn't been very forgiving to many artists who stood under the neo-soul umbrella. One of the few surviving the fallout after the genre started to fall off (and continuously making new music and staying relevant even if it's on an indie level) is Dwele. His song "I Think I Love U" from 2005's Some Kinda... gets the remix treatment from Canada-based producers Bongiovanni and KwikFiks who provide a house landscape for Dwele's crooning as they chop in various places and fit them seamlessly over the production. Translating Dwele into a dance track has been done before and this is a welcome addition to his house remix collection that will fit into many a DJs' playlists out there (I personally plan to spin this joint this weekend). Check out Bongiovanni's and KwikFiks' SoundCloud pages for more of their remix work and enjoy this free download. [Photo: Keith Estep]


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