We’ve Been ‘Waitin’ On’ Elle Winston

I was struck by Brooklyn-based singer Elle Winston when we first covered her back in January as she really put some kind of wonderful re-imagining on John Mayer's 2006 hit, "Waiting On The World To Change." I was never that much of a fan of the original (even though the album it derives from, Continuum, remains Mayer's best album for me), yet I have to say that Winston breathed new life into the song, extracting that cringing maudlin Hallmark card sheen it had and dressing it all up into a sophisticated and thought-provoking little soul number, one of many which can be heard on Winston's current EP, Uncertainty. Winston keeps things for the visual just as classy and introspective as she outlines her daily grind, from the time she rises to the abundant time she puts into writing and recording her music, to ending it with her night job as a barista. All the creative hustlers out there can fully understand the slant this video takes, as Winston spotlights that even though she has to roll her sleeves up for her night job, her time pushing for her real passion in life will lead to something better. All she has to do is keep pushing and patiently wait for the day when it will.

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