Where’s The ‘Love’ In Joe’s New Video?

R&B vet Joe's latest single, "I'd Rather Have a Love," had our very own Butta singing the "I Wanna Know" singer's praises and even reminiscing about R&B greats who came before him. And for good reason, as the song had a decided soulful feel and a message that was on its grown man ish. I guess somebody should've relayed that message to director Hype Williams, as the visuals have absolutely nothing to do with the song. Instead, Hype and Joe substitute Big Willie-isms for emotion. Filled with close-ups of a cigar-smoking Joe and crew, Rolls-Royces, Hermès bags, diamond-encrusted watches and jewelry and beautiful women wearing as little as possible, the sentiment of the song (a man retiring from the game in order to find a true love) is ultimately lost. Be that as it may, the song is still pretty nice and it's good to see Joe back on the scene. "I'd Rather Have a Love" is available on iTunes now and his upcoming album is expected to drop early in the summer.

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