Will Travis Lee ‘Take You Away’ With His Debut?

I'm just going to get straight to the point here: Travis Lee has a vocal timbre that is smoother than a newborn baby's backside. As he sings about taking another man's woman on his debut single "Take You Away," the Australian singer sounds so luscious and velvety that you can't even be mad at him for openly stating that he's going to cross the line with a committed woman. Which is lucky for him, as this track could have easily made him sound cocky; instead, he comes off as more the savior than the snake on this mid-tempo R&B jam that has a definite chill out/lounge flavor to it. While "Take You Away" is a nice introduction by Lee, it's certainly not a game changer. However the single is also offered as a remix by fellow Aussie Gavin Boyd, which provides the goods for those who prefer a little more oomph to their sounds. Boyd gives the track a more house feel that perfectly compliments Lee's creamy vocals. Whether you prefer the chill vibe of the original or the upbeat rhythm of the remix, Travis Lee has you covered with his song. Check out the video for "Take You Away" and listen to the remix after the bounce.
After the bounce

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