You’ll Want To Give South Africa’s Mi Casa ‘All The Glory’

Unless you are a true house head, chances are that South Africa is the last place to come to mind when thinking about the genre. However, the house music scene is not only alive and well, but thriving in that neck of the woods. One of the groups leading the charge in recent years is the group Mi Casa, a trio consisting of DJ-producer Dr. Duda, singer-songwriter-guitarist J'Something and trumpter Mo-T. Since hitting the scene in 2011 with their debut album Mi Casa Music, the group quickly went on to gain a loyal following and nab a few South African Music Awards in the process. Back in January they crossed the waters and headed for DC, where they performed at President Barack Obama's Inauguration alongside fellow African artist Lira. Now back with their latest video for the song "All the Glory," the guys are ready to continue on their quest for worldwide domination. A rollicking tune that's sure to get listeners up on their feet, the song also doubles as gospel tune as the guys give thanks to a higher power. Showing that we're all united, regardless of religious beliefs, the video shows the trio inviting members of other faiths such as Judaism, Rastafarianism and Hinduism on board their spiritual party bus. Whatever beliefs you subscribe to, you'll be hard-pressed to resist the rhythms that Mi Casa are bringing to the table.

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