Bilal Salaam Will ‘Draw’ You In With ‘4Live’

Bilal Salaam has reached into his bag and pulled out a complete EP of old unreleased gems. 4Live includes recordings dating back to 2006 and a special all-star guest list. With a roster including the likes of Raheem DeVaughn, Muhsinah, Nicholas Ryan Gant, Dre King, Danedra, K'Alyn and Ben Williams, there's no way to lose. The project opener "Draw The Shades (My Earth, My Seed/Home)" plays out quite well as Salaam rocks a Washington, DC venue with the help of his very talented friends. From instrumental shedding to a mic toss, this record showcases not only the magic of Bilal Salaam but also every awe-striking element of the underground scene. Also standing out on this magnificent offering is "So What," which finds Salaam telling his woman what he loves most about her. Bilal Salaam's four-track EP, 4Live, is now available on Bandcamp for only $4.


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