Judith Hill Shows She Has ‘#thatPOWER’ On ‘The Voice’

I try to avoid all things if I can help it, but sometimes I just can't. And in the case of The Voice contestant Judith Hill covering one of his songs, I wouldn't dare miss that lest I miss out on another killer performance by my favorite contestant. Last night she decided to take a risk by choosing to tackle "#thatPOWER" by and Justin Bieber. Her coach Adam Levine greeted her selection with a side-eye (he wasn't the only one), but he trusted Judith enough to give her free reign on the track. When it came time to perform, once again she slathered a healthy helping of soul on the song and flexed her vocal chops all over it. But it was the performance itself that was such a joy to watch. Judith stood atop a set of stairs on stage like a rock star and looked every bit the part in a crazy huge braided mohawk situation (seriously, her hair probably needed its own trailer) and silvery, glittery feathered cape. When she descended down the stairs to join the six dancers fake-playing trumpets, she was still the center of attention. Watching Judith Hill perform last night was like watching a real-life concert by a pop diva. She's the real deal, and I'm already looking forward to what musical magic she pulls out of her hat hair next week.

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