Kanye West Debuts ‘New’ Sounds On ‘Saturday Night Live’

While Miguel's leg drop gained more traction on Black Twitter overnight, another big televised event happened over the weekend. Kanye West, he of paparazzi freakouts and the reason for the next Kardashian generation, took the stage of Saturday Night Live to premiere two new songs from his upcoming album, Yeezus. Both racially charged ditties, "Black Skinhead" and "New Slaves" borrow heavily from the punk aesthetic and signify an even darker turn for Yeezy. To further drive home the point, Kanye performed on a barely lit stage as images of price tags, rabid dogs and the pointy tops of black hoods (a la the KKK) were projected on a screen behind him. The whole thing was obviously meant to make those watching at home a bit uncomfortable as Yeezy rarely moved around the stage and stared intensely at the camera during the performances (maybe that was why host Ben Affleck was a bit teary when introducing him). Both songs were interesting, to say the least, but are they enough to spark anticipation for Yeezus when it drops on June 18th? You be the judge when you take a peek at "Black Skinheads" below and "New Slaves" after the bounce.

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