Melanie Fiona Takes A ‘Chance’

On Tuesday, May 21, 2013, The Notorious B.I.G. would've celebrated his 41st birthday. There were many tributes to the fallen rapper across the Internet, but one that stood out for me was from singer and apparent hip-hop head Melanie Fiona. Instead of the doing the typical social network shout out, Melanie opted to recreate BIG's classic remix to "One More Chance" using nothing but her voice, GarageBand and hours of her time. The results are simply stunning. As Melanie sings through the opening verse and first hook backed by a chorus of only her, you begin to see just how talented the Toronto native really is. But of course, we already knew all that. My only wish is that Melanie would inject the personality and talent we all know she has (and which she exhibits here) into her future musical endeavors. Peep Melanie working her magic below.

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