Omar Is All ‘The Man’ We Need On These New Album Clips

Happiness is knowing that in less than 30 days Omar's new album The Man will be in fans' hands. However, bliss is being a music writer who has already gotten their hands on The Man for review purposes. Yes, writing for SoulBounce has its perks, and one of the many is getting an advance of the new album that hits the UK on June 24th and the US on June 25th. And, trust me, it's as good or better than you can imagine. However, you don't have to wait until the end of June to hear a healthy portion of The Man as Freestyle Records has posted a 26-minute long recording that contains lengthy snippets of the album's 13 tracks to SoundCloud. These clips are long enough to get you in groove and give you a taste of all of the goodness that Omar has cooked up, making listeners want more. Listen to the hearty sampler platter after the bounce, and go right ahead and place those album pre-orders now.  

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