See Where Tawiah Takes Us With A Little ‘FREEdomDROP’

Well folks, the wait is finally over as UK songstress Tawiah has blessed us with a new release in the form of her free EP, FREEdomDROP. After teasing us with the lovely "TEARdrop", a gorgeous cover of Bobby Caldwell's "Open Your Eyes" and, most recently, "FACes," is the final product worthy of the wait? Yes...and no. While the aforementioned tracks are all solid and in heavy rotation over here, the remainder of the EP falls a little flat, with the exception of "SWEETme." That song actually surfaced a few years back along with a number of remixes, and many thought it would be the lead single of her major label debut. Time passed and the track seemed to vaporize along with any hint as to when we would see an album. As for the remainder of the EP, everything feels a bit unfinished -- yes, I know this isn't an official album, but still -- and I'll admit I was expecting a bit more from the woman who gave us great songs such as "Every Step," "Another One," "Starts Again" and "Break Away" (I really wish the latter two had been included here). I have no idea whether Tawiah is still signed to a major, so I am very pleased that we finally get to hear new material from a lady who I had pegged as one of the "next big things" to come out of the UK, but this isn't the breakthrough release I hoped it would be. You can decide for yourselves by streaming the EP or heading on over to SoundCloud where you can grab your free download.

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