Take A Sip Of Bayou’s ‘Cherry Cola’

The whole anonymity act has been done to death, granted some have used it to great effect, but there are only so many faceless, nameless acts you can stumble upon before you start to forget or care who is who. Late last year Bayou made waves ripples around the interwebs with his song "Cherry Cola" and it's slightly NSFW video, cut together from Japanese cinema footage. Nobody knew who he was, but his R&B-esque approach drew comparisons to the likes of Jai Paul, How To Dress Well and The Weeknd amongst others. Now it has become apparent that Bayou is Londoner Hari Ashurst, a one-time writer for Pitchfork and co-founder of the Double Denim label. Since more information has surfaced, interest in Bayou has been somewhat renewed, partly thanks to the release of his second single "Forever Deluxe," another slice of slow, sultry R&B with a funk-lite bassline and a slightly creepy tale of stalker-ish behavior. Watch the video for "Cherry Cola" below, then hit the bounce to take "Forever Deluxe" for a spin.

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