Thabo & The Real Deal Show A Fighting Spirit On ‘World War Free’

With one simple mission statement, to make the type of music Bob Marley would listen to if he were still alive today, Thabo & The Real Deal have already set the bar extremely high for their brand of "bare knuckle soul" before the first note has sounded. The quartet, hailing from Leeds in the UK, have set themselves apart from many of their contemporaries by deciding to focus not on those old staples of modern soul music -- love and relationships -- instead taking a leaf from the songbook of those artists from the '60s and '70s who used their platform to address social and political issues. It's a brave move as many modern music buyers can't or choose not to relate to wider social issues, or at least see music as their escape from those issues, but Thabo & Co. are sticking to their guns. They already have one self-titled EP under their belts, and have now released a second entitled World War Free, which the band claims delves even deeper in to the issues they are passionate about. If the EP's title track is anything to go by, then "passion" is certainly the name of the game as vocalist Thabo Mkwananzi pours out his heart about modern society's ills as The Real Deal, made up of Aron Kyne (piano/Fender Rhodes), Ali Mac (percussion) and Emmanuel Allert (acoustic guitar), provide a beautiful subdued backdrop. These guys are definitely ones to keep an eye on.

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