Novel Shows The World His ‘Pretty Scars’

Novel is a man of many hats. Though most recently he's been keeping busy behind the scenes penning songs for the likes of Ashanti, Kid Rock, Joss Stone and Leona Lewis, he's still making time for the most important artist of all -- himself. Since releasing his six-track EP, Under Water, Overwhelmed, back in November, the singer-MC-songwriter has been a self-promotional machine, churning out music videos to support the indie project. The third video taken from the EP for the song "Pretty Scars" takes a sobering look at how deceiving looks can be. The clip's conflicted protagonist, though beautiful on the outside, hides her pain from the world behind a veil of self-medication. Novel also showcases his lyrical skills as he shines a light on the subject's insecurities, while also letting her know he feels her pain. And the multi-talented crooner is showing no signs of slowing down, as recently revealed via Twitter the video for his next single, "To The Limit" will be out soon.

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