Who Can Say ‘No To’ Alfa Mist & Marie Dahlstrom’s Jessie Ware Rework?

Scandinavian soul singer Marie Dahlstrom has easily become a favorite around here, and if you don't know why yet, one listen to Alfa Mist's "No To Love (Jessie Ware Rework)" featuring Ms. Dahlstrom should explain why. Jessie Ware's debut album, Devotion, is one of my favorites from last year, and for good reason. Though I wasn't expecting it, it's no wonder one of the album's tracks was a candidate for the rework treatment. With the jazzy Robert Glasper-style treatment "No to Love" receives at Alfa Mist's hand, there's plenty room for both versions in your collection (and why not when it's being given away as a free download?). As much as we love her covers, a word about the status of Marie's own next project would really give us something to cheer about.


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