You Don’t Have To Wait Till ‘Tonight’ To Enjoy This MNEK Refix

I prefer Jennifer Lopez when she played late Tejano singer Selena in the eponymous biopic from 1997. She should do that again, and I'd probably like her more. Then again, I do admit to liking a song of hers here and there whenever the time calls for it, and the one I consistently listen and love to bits to is her 1999 hit "Waiting For Tonight." The lush Latin vibe mixed in with that pulsating late-'90's dance groove is just some very nice work. So hearing that MNEK was going to put his magic touch to this track I knew this was to be a treat, and gobble this up I did. Once again he breathes new life into the track, adding his peerless vocal tone and a chill-relax vibe that puts you in just the right head space. He even blends in Sweet Female Attitude's garage number "Flowers" to give the track just a little extra zip, and a great addition it is. I don't know how you all feel, but I'm wondering when this cat is going to release a full-length, because these refixes continue to be everything and then some. 


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