B.Lewis & Sango Have More Than ‘Nada’ To Give

Now that the weather is heating up, it's crucial to have music that will transport your soul to the ocean breezes of Rio while you are stuck in a cubicle in Richmond. B.Lewis and Sango give just that in their recently released track "Não é Nada" (which, according to Google Translate, is Portuguese for "It's Nothing"). "Não é Nada" is something good, though; it's upbeat, with a definitive groove that's easy to get into, incredibly danceable and perfect for the long summer ahead. This song is packed with enough of B. Lewis' electronic vibes and Brazilian flavor to keep you partying until the break of dawn on a hot, sweaty rooftop. And the Lusophone influence is no coincidence - in a 2012 interview in Life + Times Sango admitted that he uses the sounds of Brazil as his muse for creating these highly charged beats. Check out their Bandcamp and SoundCloud pages for more of their electrorhythmic soul.


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