Chris Brown Wants To Be ‘Somebody Else’

Just in case Mario's new comeback jam with Nicki Minaj wasn't enough, Chris Brown is jumping on the same exact train and releasing his version of the record. Breezy's version of "Somebody Else" finds Brown's cocky delivery and unnecessary rap verse actually bringing a bit of life to the Polow da Don-produced track. I'd surely love to see Mario get another chance and for Chris to find a seat somewhere, but if this was a battle round on The Voice I'd have to spin my chair around for Chris Brown. With that being said, here's to Mario and the rest of the material that he's cooking up for his return. With past Billboard Hot 100 hits like "Let Me Love You" and "Break Up" under his belt, there's no telling what kind of R&B gold he could be preparing to unleash on his forthcoming Restoration album. Let's just hope that Chris Brown doesn't one-up him on those other tracks as well.

After the bounce

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