Donell Jones Is Making ‘Beautiful’ Music Again

R&B/soul/alternative R&B/[fill in your label of choice here] music has been having a very good day. And by very good day, I mean very good year. Amel Larrieux came back and hit 'em over the head with "Afraid," Chrisette Michele just keeps getting Better, Algebra can't see "Nobody But You," Prince is "Extraloveable," India.Arie wants to have a SongVersation, Elli Ingram shared her "Mad Love" and Quadron showed America what they're made of when they performed "Hey Love" on the Late Show with David Letterman. And that's just a sample of what we've heard this month. Doesn't it all make you twerk a little on the inside? Donell Jones is looking to be the latest artist listed in that number. After releasing "Forever" (we'll just forget that "Step the F**k Off" happened), Mr. Jones preps the release of his next single, "Beautiful." Aside from the errant Nicki Minaj reference because, you know, his girl's got that booty, this is definitely another winner for your wind-down playlists. It's kind of nice to hear a song praising a woman's inner beauty every once in a while, and Donell Jones delivers. Like his past successes, this song is sweet and safe. If you've been missing Mr. Jones, he'll be serving his new album, Forever, to the masses come July 9th.


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