Fat Freddy’s Drop’s ‘Blackbird’ Flies High

Although their career spans a decade and a half, New Zeland dub/reggae/funk outfit Fat Freddy's Drop are well known for taking their time with studio releases. In between hectic touring and trying to sync the schedules of seven members, many of which have families, the fact that Blackbird only equates to their third studio album in that period is kind of understandable, especially when you factor in that most of the songs that appear on each album go through a two- to four-year "birthing," starting out as a bassline or lyric and evolving through live shows and jam sessions to the lengthy tracks that have become the band's signature. Blackbird is scheduled for official release next week, however, and, as has become the standard recently, they have uploaded the full album to SoundCloud so that existing fans and those new to FFD can get a taste of what Blackbird has to offer. Check it out after the bounce.

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