India.Arie Soothes With ‘Cocoa Butter’

While I loved India.Arie's first two albums, I'll be the first to tell you that some of her latter, cliché-ridden work has been a complete turnoff. That's why I was ready to lambaste "Cocoa Butter" when it was first announced. My tune changed as soon as I heard the song, however. Yes, on its face it has more than a few corny sentiments. However, its overall message about a love that can heal the scars of loves past is a beautiful message. For the clip, India keeps it simple, opting to just showcase her and her video lover in room full of flowing fabric as she sings in all her headwrapped glory. And even when she gets a bit too literal (the romantic lead actually pulls out a bottle of Palmer's Cocoa Butter and rubs some into India's skin at one point), it's still a beautiful image to behold. It's definitely no "Ready for Love," but if you're in need of something soothing today, then "Cocoa Butter" might just fit the bill.