Moko Gets To The ‘Heart’ Of The Matter

With her voice painting in shades of house dames a la Adeva and Lisa Shaw, all while sounding way beyond her 21 years of age, newcomer Moko and her song "Hand On Heart" was love at first listen. I stumbled on the song during a moment of procrastination and boy, I'm glad I feigned laundry duty (sorry, Mom) to happen upon it, as getting caught up in this bewitching blend of '90s house-soul meets Massive Attack is one of the highlights of my week. So I don't know about you, but after hearing "Hand On Heart" I hope that this South Londoner sticks around for a while because she's got something pretty good going here. For more cerebral future-soul sounds from Moko, dig a bit through her SoundCloud page and stick around after the bounce to watch Moko take "Hand On Heart" to the neighborhood barber shop for its accompanying visual.

After the bounce

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