Moon Boots Keeps The ‘Love Strong’

Thanks to a swarm of recent releases, l'm pretty much convinced that 2013 is the year of the '90's house revival. But unlike the Motown resurgence during the early part of the naughts, I'm praying that this unearthing of jangling pianos and spacious chorus won't fizzle into being the bane of my existence due to constant overexposure. I don't want it to happen, especially since I keep running across brilliant sounds like this deliciously jubilant banger by French beat master Moon Boots. The '90s just oozes out of "Love Strong" crisp and clear, as it swells into urgent pianos and vocals that bring to mind such house hook queens like Martha Wash and Jocelyn Brown. Even better is that Moon Boots, who is a part of the burgeoning French Express DJ collective, is offering the track free of charge. So take a mini-party break and liven up your middle of the week blues with "Love Strong" -- you'll be so glad you did.


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