Rhye ‘Open’ Up For This (Le) Poisson Rouge Live Set

Yesterday Quadron released their hotly anticipated sophomore set Avalanche, but some folks may have overlooked the fact that Robin Hannibal has already had a hand in one of the better albums to be released in 2013 thus far, Rhye's sublime Woman. Alongside vocalist Mike Milosh, Robin hit the stage at NYC's (Le) Poisson Rouge last month to showcase what Rhye can do on the live front, and, luckily for us, the folks at NPR were there to capture it on video. Accompanied by live bass, keys, horns, drums and a string section, Rhye performed tracks such as "Open" and "Last Dance" in near complete darkness, with just a handful of flickering candles creating a very intimate, very seductive atmosphere. The fact that you only glimpse the band members, and then only in silhouette, adds an air of mystery and intrigue which only serves to heighten the impact of the music. Stunning. [H/T: SPIN]

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