Chanté Moore Shows Us Exactly What She’s ‘Talking’ About

With R&B Divas: LA in full swing, with all the drama in tow, songstress Chanté Moore is taking full advantage of her time in the limelight. We've already brought you a taste of "Talking In My Sleep," the first single from her upcoming Shanachie Records release Moore Is More. And, as every artist is wont to do these days, Chanté has released an accompanying lyric video (which hopefully means that we'll get an actual video sometime in the new future). Unlike the trend with more recent lyric videos, which could double as actual videos, this one just zooms around several pics of the beautiful 40-something songstress (who could put most of these young girls to shame in the looks department). With the lyrics spelled out clear as day, though, we can now fully understand Chanté's predicament (her sweet, sweet dreams have her in a bit of a nightmare situation with her actual boo). Is it fair that she may pay a dear price for a few naughty dreams and thoughts? Not really. But like her reality show, it does make for good drama.

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