Ebony Joi Makes Michael Jackson’s ‘Baby Be Mine’ All Hers

"Baby Be Mine" is hands down one of my top five Michael Jackson tracks. Everything from the funky bassline and those glinting synths to MJ's perfect vocal makes me smile every single time I hear it. Taking that into account, I always thought that any cover of the song couldn't possibly stack up. Quadron proved me wrong with their beautiful, stripped-back version of the track, and now Ebony Joi has stepped in and blown my preconceived ideas straight out of the water. After studying at both Philadelphia High School for Creative and Performing Arts and the prestigious Berklee College of Music, Ebony got the opportunity to sing back up for SoulBounce fave Bilal, and through him she met producer Steve Mckie. The pair went into the studio together to work on Ebony's debut EP and Mckie ended up signing her to his Mckie Beats Production label. The first fruits of their labor have now surfaced, and it definitely has us excited to hear more. Rather than just a straight up cover of "Baby Be Mine", Ebony and Mckie have gone for a fuller, richer sound with the welcome addition of some well-placed horn work and percussion. Take a look at the track's fun-filled video below, and grab a free download via SoundCloud.

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