K. Michelle Pours Up Some ‘V.S.O.P.’

With fiery red hair and a killer figure, K. Michelle premiered her new video for the single "V.S.O.P." during this past weekend's BET Awards. The video, directed by Benny Boom, features a passionate, roller coaster relationship that compliments the song's contemporary feel. K. Michelle uses her new home as the backdrop to her on again, off again love, which plays out in the streets of New York City. Equipped with her Megan Good-esque cleavage and Henny-colored dress, the video offers various looks from K. Michelle that remain true to her incomparable personality (bamboo earrings included). I, for one, am glad this video has a happy ending because a glass of act right was about to be prescribed to the male muse (played by rapper Chi-Ali) in this video. K. Michelle's debut album Rebellious Soul is due out August 13th on Atlantic Records.

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